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Monday, November 28, 2011

Backordering Domains | The Facts and Information, You Need to Know.

By Jason Minnig

There are many reasons why one would want to become a Domainer and within this article, you will understand the process better. Domain name speculation is the practice of identifying and registering or acquiring Internet domain names with the intent of selling the Domains or locking in the Domain Names around an industry or personal organization. Branding ones business on a personal level is highly important for solvency, lead generation, brand awareness and information pertaining to a certain product or service. A Domainer can be just a business or individual looking to capture the domains around their business, which are becoming available on a certain date. Also Domainers can be a single or group of individuals that acquire Domain Names to resell them to prospective buyers or industries. Being involved within the domain industry is looked upon as a very profitable and rewarding industry, with all those involved.

The process of acquiring a Domain Name comes from many factors. One may type in the Domain Name they are interested in, relevant to their business or industry, just to find that someone else owns the Domain Name. The next steps is to Backorder the domain name, either through a well-known and stable company, or wait to be approached by whoever captured it when it dropped to the general registrars. The best option is to use an organization that will not charge huge fees; however let you make an offer on your perceived value of the Domain. Domain Names can range in value, based on certain criteria, such as; Domain Age, Keywords, amount of letters in the domain name, how many times name is searched, current events, etc. It is a good idea to find out which Domains carry the best value on a cyclical cycle.

Domain Names carry different values, on the type of Domain Name you are looking to acquire. The most popular domains are .Com’s and there are different TLD’s (top-level domains), such as; .Net, .Org, .Biz, .AU, .CA and many more. With the limited amount of TLD’S in a certain industry, is the reason for more and more types of TLD’S becoming available. Search Engines, such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and more, give better placement within the search engines on .Com’s, .Net and .Org. Any domain name ending in a .Com, carries the most weight in the search engines, and is the most commonly typed in Domain Name as well. Many people will just type in a product they are looking for, ending in .Com, without even using search engines anymore.  Many clients, leads and placement in search engines are lost every day, by companies not having the .Com Domain Name for their business.

The Domain Name industry has become very popular on many different levels. Below is some statistics on Domain Names and TLD’s, provided by Domain

This proves the popularity of certain types of Domain Names and also shows how many will become available for Domainers, that rely on the market trends, to profit in this industry. There are approximately 85,000 Domain Names that are registered every month and most of this industry is Domainers, looking to make a profit on selected Domain Names. It is best to stick to a certain industry when acquiring Domain Names; this will allow the most success, if you are new to the Domaining game.

Statistics vary on geographical and industry changes, thus allowing those savvy within the industry, to capitalize on certain and pro-active markets. Domaining is very similar to buying or trading stocks, in the fact that, variables and conditions do apply. This article is for information and awareness to those within the Domain Industry or those looking to become an active and pro-active Domainer. The best way to become a Domainer is to take that first and most important step, by merely getting started. Lock in those Domain Names for your business or capture that ideal market, to become highly successful. Best of success and just like any business, the more research and time involved, will catapult your overall success in any given market place.

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