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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Top level domain name importance (TLD`s)

First off a TLD or Top Level Domain is an attribute of how you choose how you want your site to be recognised, it is also an indicator of where in the world you are or the type of information your website will be representing. At a glance here is all of the available TLD`s and i will list the whys and what for`s of all of them, the goal of this article from an SEO point of view is to recognise what kind of TLD you should be going after when you are looking to register a domain for the first time and it`s importance when it comes to helping your ranking within the search engine result pages. So the list is as follows.
Country Code TLD`s
Self explanatory really, if you are marketing your site towards a specific audience within a country then you need a or .us or whatever extension is relevant to your target audience, this also goes hand in hand with having your site hosted within that same country. Why host your site in Germany if your extension says “.us” and the audience you are aiming at is in the UK?
Generic and generic restricted Code TLD`s
Generic codes such as .NET, .TRAVEL, .AERO, .BIZ and others are either generic or generic restricted domain names reserved for industries such as travel, the military, governments or even individuals. So it makes sense if you are a museum to get yourself a .MUSEUM TLD and likewise if you are solely looking to provide information about yourself a .NAME TLD
There are also other TLD`s that are reserved for testing purposes only which come under the category of IDN`s which have no role to us ordinary folk.
So what is the right TLD to aim for to provide information on our products and services?
Well ideally we would love to have a .GOV or a .EDU TLD, but chances are you will have the kind of content that would fit into either on a daily basis, occasionally we maybe lucky enough to gain a link from one of these domains pointing back to our content and it does happen, but unless you are providing a unique insight into a field that generates enough interest from college or university professors or tutors we will have to concentrate on what we do best.
So which TLD is best from an SEO point of view?
It is still a route of contention because we will always come back to Google and the now fabled algorithm, does it place importance on a top level domain name? Well given the many choices available i have personally always purchased a domain name with one of my main target keywords in the name itself, but that is an obvious answer but does not explain the importance of the TLD extension itself, in fairness i have always snapped up the .ORG, .COM, .NET, .BIZ and whichever country code extension i will be looking to market the site towards there is also the other alternative the .MOBI although i am brand new to the extension and coding sites to fit and be compatible for all mobile platforms is still at an early stage of my understanding it is still growing in popularity everyday, but i doubt that it will ever completely overtake the laptop or desktop internet anytime soon.

What is your view on the importance of TLD`s for SEO?

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